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Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on America’s roads. Motorcycles are smaller and harder to see, and riders don’t have the protective steel exoskeleton that other motor vehicles have.

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Considering this, it’s not surprising that the likelihood of injury in a motorcycle accident is extremely high. In fact, a rider is injured in 98% of collisions with other vehicles, and 96% of accidents where other vehicles aren’t involved. Forty-five percent of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury, and riders are 27 times more likely to be killed than people in cars. Various studies have shown that at least 60% of motorcycle vs. car or truck accidents are caused by the car or truck’s driver, and that two-thirds of these accidents are caused by violating the motorcycle’s right of way.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in motorcycle accident, the Belleville personal injury attorneys at Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, can help. We have a proven track record of success on both sides of these cases. Although we’ve now chosen only to represent motorcycle accident victims like you, we know how the insurance company will build its case. And we know how to counter every argument, maximizing your motorcycle accident settlement.

More importantly, both John Hipskind and Brady McAninch are committed to you, the client. We know that legal emergencies don’t always wait for business hours - that’s why we offer all our clients 24/7 access to our cell phones. We want you to feel comfortable asking us questions or requesting an update on your case, regardless of the time.

It’s this commitment to clients that has allowed us to earn more than one hundred 5-star reviews from past clients. We not only work to win cases - we work to build lasting relationships with clients like you.

“I cannot express how thankful I am to have chosen Hipskind & McAninch, LLC to handle a very difficult situation for me. I have dreaded going through this situation and Brady was wonderful to work with and he was able to get me results. His willingness to accept a call at any time and willing to meet me whenever possible was just what I needed. I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal representation.”
- LeVaughan Bennett

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Liable Parties in a Motorcycle Accident

To get compensation after a motorcycle accident, you first have to determine who was at fault for the accident. A number of other parties may be responsible, including:

  • The driver of another vehicle: Three-quarters of all motorcycle accidents involve collisions with another vehicle, usually a car. As mentioned above, most motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence of another driver. By far, the most common cause of motorcycle/vehicle collisions is the car turning left into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. Other common causes include cars changing lanes into the path of an oncoming motorcycle, and cars running red lights or stoplights. Drunk drivers also cause their share of motorcycle accidents, and should definitely be held responsible.
  • Faulty manufacturer: Faulty manufacturing of a motorcycle, or a defective part of a motorcycle, may be the cause of an accident. Usually, only 3% motorcycle accidents are caused by product failure, and that’s usually a tire.
  • The party charged with maintaining the roadway: Potholes, uneven surfaces, oil slicks, debris, and loose gravel can all be the cause of a motorcycle accident. Depending on where the accident occurred, a federal, state, county, or city government may be liable if they didn’t maintain a safe roadway. If the accident occurred in a parking lot or private driveway, the owner of the property can be held liable.
  • Animals: Only about 1% of motorcycle accidents are caused by animals, usually wild animals, like deer. However, if it was a domesticated animal like a cow that got loose and wandered into the road, the owner of the animal could be held liable.

Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another person or company, you can seek compensation for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, permanent injury, emotional trauma, wrongful death, and so much more. But when you file an injury claim, you won’t be dealing with the liable party—you’ll be dealing with their insurance company. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to get injury victims and their families to accept settlements that are far less than they deserve. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, get the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney.

At Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, we take a personal interest in our clients, and will fight aggressively and go to trial if needed. Schedule your no-cost, obligation-free consultation today. Because we work on a contingency basis, you won’t pay a dime for our services until we win. To get your claim underway, call (618) 641-9189 today.

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All submissions are confidentially
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