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St. Clair Township Residents Flabbergasted Over Unfair Fees

By John Hipskind on June 9, 2015

Yesterday evening over 150 St. Clair Township residents joined us at Sierra Park to discuss the class action lawsuit our firm filed against the discriminatory sewer fees promulgated, billed, and collected by the Village of Swansea.  The passion at the park was palatable and it was clear that these residents are tired of the excessive sewer fees and the lack of transparent negotiations that led to them.

These new sewer rates are too high, unfair, and unjust.  They impose an undo financial hardship on the citizens of St. Clair Township and will not be tolerated.  We will do everything in our power to end these fees as soon as possible.

It is truly an honor working with Bob Trentman, Dan Varady, and Dean Wallen, and on behalf of all the residents and landowners of the St. Clair Township against these excessive sewer fees.  We thank everyone for their kind wishes and assistance in this litigation.  We will continue to post updates on the progress of this litigation.

Click here to read more about yesterday’s meeting in the Belleville News Democrat. 

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All submissions are confidentially
reviewed by an H&M attorney.